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Company Training

Professional – Effective – Successful

Meetings, employee talks and business trips, appointments – things that your employees have to deal with in their jobs every day. In corporate training, we focus on the specific needs of your company. The ISK also lets you plan your language training courses flexibly. You name the time, the place and the number of hours. Your employees learn exactly what they need to know, no more and no less.

Company-specific training concepts

After a consulting session and a diagnosis of your learning needs, we develop an individual training program for your staff. You tell us what your goals are and we will tell you how to get there. Technical terminology, intercultural language courses, presentation training, e-mailing or telephone training – we develop modern course concepts designed to meet your company’s specific needs.

Flexible contracts

Starting from 10 lessons, you can book fixed course appointments with us or arrange for the lessons flexibly with our trainers. The course can take place at your company or at the ISK. For either option, you can always cancel a lesson with 48 hours of notice prior to the start of the lesson. For 200 and more hours of corporate training, we also offer you a framework contract at special conditions. You can use these hours variably: different languages, individual or group lessons, workshops or presentation training.

Corporate courses at a glance

  • High efficiency in each training unit
  • Advising services and diagnosis of learning needs
  • Company-specific training concepts
  • Hour packages can be chosen freely starting from 10 hours
  • Flexible contracts

Individual training program – Available from 10 lessons, one lesson takes 45 minutes, plus sales tax

52,00 €