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Foreign Language Training

International conferences, small talk with partners from different countries, e-mailing with customers abroad – knowing how to speak other languages is becoming increasingly important in the everyday working world. Being able to speak foreign languages opens doors and saves money.

Professional – effective – successful

One-on-one training guarantees that you will reach your goals quickly, effectively and successfully. You determine the course contents, how fast you learn and when the lessons take place. The lessons can be held at your home, in your company or in the ISK. 

Individual learning strategies

After a counseling session and a diagnosis of your learning needs, we will develop an individual training program designed especially for you. Our trainers will give you tips on how to learn more effectively, improve your language skills and work together with you to develop individual strategies to learn German. 

Flexible learning concepts    

You can arrange for fixed training times with us or talk to your trainer to organize flexible lessons. For both variants, you have the option of cancelling any lesson without penalty 48 hours before the lesson is to begin. 


One-on-one Training